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Just leave me your stardust

to remember you by

If you be my star, I'll be your sky.
When I was five I wanted to be a vet. By the time I was eleven, I changed my mind to marine biologist. At thirteen I decided that I would be a zoologist instead. But then at fifteen I realized that I wasn't very good at science, and that art was the occupation for me. Finally at the age twenty, when I transferred from community college to university I found out that creative writing and culture were my true passions in life, and I haven't regretted my choice yet.

So who am I? I'm a 23 year old girl from Michigan who tries not to take life too seriously and loves to laugh as often as possible. Just plain old American, but I'm many other things at heart (Japanese, Korean, British, etc.). I'm torn between being tied to home and wanting to see so much more of the world. I also often find myself caught up in the many fabulous worlds of books, movies, and TV shows. More so than is good for my mental health.

This fall semester will hopefully be my last in college, and I shall be spending it studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan at Sophia University. I'm just hoping the future is a promising one.

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